Forty individuals and one team currently comprise the

Saint Joseph Athletics Hall of Fame.

Following is a complete list of inductees

(including the primary sport for which each was inducted).

Brandon Allen ’12, Athlete (Soccer)

RJ Allen ’08, Athlete (Soccer)

Doug Alongi ’89, Athlete (Baseball)

Laurens C. Bloch ’85, Athlete (Swimming)

Paul Bocage ’99, Athlete (Volleyball)

Larry P. Bornheimer ’85, Athlete (Basketball)

Harry Brett, Coach (Track & Field)

Ryan Carter ’91, Athlete/Coach (Ice Hockey)

Lt. Col. John M. Chacko Jr. ‘91 USMC, Athlete (Track & Field)

Martin Costello ‘81, Athlete (Soccer)

Quenton DeCosey ’12, Athlete (Basketball)

Albert J. Ernst, Coach (Track & Field)

Frank J. Fitzgerald ’67, Athlete (Basketball)

Sean Fitzpatrick ’07, Athlete (Golf)

Reid E. Jackson ’90, Athlete (Lacrosse)

John D. Kennedy ’89, Athlete (Swimming)

Peter D. Kolodney, Coach (Ice Hockey)

Br. Richard Leven, S.C., Coach (Track & Field, Cross Country)

Ed Lubowicki ’12, Athlete (Lacrosse)

James E. Lutz ’86, Athlete (Swimming)

Vince Maglio ’66 and Steve Pozycki ’69 (Contributors)

Craig Moringiello ‘87, Athlete (Tennis)

Adam Mueller ’84, Athlete (Lacrosse)

Timothy J. Mulqueen ’83, Athlete (Soccer)

Carmine Pascarella ’89, Athlete (Soccer)

Vincent G. Reilly ‘77, Athlete (Track & Field)

Bobby Savulich ’05, Athlete (Swimming)

John Scheirman ’72, Coach (Swimming)

Br. Aldric Smith, S.C., Coach (Swimming)

Zoltan Szabo ’80, Athlete (Swimming)

Mark L. Taylor ’83, Athlete (Basketball)

Gary E. Trojanowski ‘72, Athlete/Coach (Track & Field)

Timothy W. Turner ’69, Athlete (Track & Field)

Volleyball 2008 Team

John J. Wavro ’79, Athlete (Track & Field)

James M. Weir ‘66, Athlete (Track & Field)

Steve Whittington ’92, Coach (Swimming)

Jay Williams ‘99, Athlete (Basketball)

Joseph Wilson ‘67, Athlete (Track & Field)

Garrett D. Witts ‘77, Athlete (Basketball)