A total of 27 individuals were inducted to the Saint Joseph Athletics Hall of Fame during a consecutive four-year stretch beginning in 1999. A complete alphabetical listing of those inductees can be found below.

Laurens C. Bloch, ’85 (Swimming)

Larry P. Bornheimer, ’85 (Basketball)


Harry Brett, Coach (Track & Field)


Lt. Col. John M. Chacko Jr., 91, USMC (Track & Field)


Martin Costello, 81 (Soccer)


Albert J. Ernst, Coach (Track & Field)


Frank J. Fitzgerald, ’67, Athlete (Basketball)


Reid E. Jackson, ’90, Athlete (Lacrosse)


John D. Kennedy, ’89, Athlete (Swimming)


Peter D. Kolodney, Coach (Ice Hockey)


Br. Richard Leven, S.C., Coach (Track & Field, Cross Country)


James E. Lutz, ’86, Athlete (Swimming)


Craig Moringiello, 87, Athlete (Tennis)


Adam Mueller, ’84, Athlete (Lacrosse)


Timothy J. Mulqueen, ’83, Athlete (Soccer, Basketball and Baseball)


Vincent G. Reilly, 77, Athlete (Track & Field)


John Scheirman, ’72, Coach (Swimming, Tennis, Golf, Gymnastics)


Br. Aldric Smith, S.C., Coach (Swimming)


Zoltan Szabo, ’80, Athlete (Swimming)


Mark L. Taylor, ’83, Athlete (Basketball, Soccer)


Gary E. Trojanowski, 72, Coach, Athlete (Track & Field)


Timothy W. Turner, ’69, Athlete (Track & Field)


John J. Wavro, ’79, Athlete (Track & Field)


James M. Weir, ‘66, Athlete (Track & Field)


Jay Williams, ‘99, Athlete (Basketball)


Joseph Wilson, ‘67, Athlete (Track & Field)

Garrett D. Witts, ‘77, Athlete (Basketball)

Saint Joseph High School Athletics Hall of Fame 

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